Tulucay Show Stables

Tulucay Show Stables offers a full, exciting calendar is available for the horse and rider interested in horse showing. Riders chasing points, horses gaining experience, or those who are just learning the ins and outs of the show ring are all welcome to show with Tulucay.


The purpose of training is to exercise, school, rehabilitate, warm a horse for a lesson, or prepare a sales horse/pony. Training methods include but are not limited to: lunging, training rides, and experimenting with feeding and stabling options. No two horses are identical, so training programs and packages are not one-size-fits-all, and lesson plans are catered to each horses’ learning curve and personality.


Monthly training packages are available and can be arranged to fit each individual horse and rider’s needs. Prices are available upon request.

Horse Showing with Tulucay Show Stables

Brian and Missy have years of experience preparing horses and riders for the show ring. Success comes from building individual programs for each horse and rider that highlight their strengths, offer extra support where needed, and bring just enough of a challenge to keep the horse/rider team learning. The Grubers are passionate about bringing the best out of each horse and rider and want to see everyone do well in the show ring. Tulucay Show Stables handles the shipping, care of the horses, training, scheduling, and horse show office tasks so owners and riders can focus on their time in the saddle.

Training and day care includes grooming, training, paperwork (such as entries, memberships, health certificates, etc.), and daily management of horses at the show. The amounts are dispersed to clients one month before the horse show entries are due.

The number of grooms attending the show depend upon the number of horses going.

Horse show rides are an additional $60/ride.
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